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Aplit-Soft is a full service company. Our expertise includes software, embedded hardware design, firmware, algorithms and signal processing, prototyping, moving to production, test automation, system security, debug and product testing (QA), web design and more.

We help our customers to make appropriate hardware and software choices, reduce product development costs, get to market faster, reallocate development resources, and reduce project and business risks.

We have been involved in the development of products for defense, communications, consumer, industrial and transportation industries.

We strive to establish professional relationships with our customers based on our competence, discipline, dedication and transparency.

Our company's aim is to achieve excellence and maintain high quality standards by continuously improving our designs and engineering techniques.

We also offer full turnkey services: You understand the product, we understand the technology. We can take your concept all the way from the idea, through specifications to design and prototypes, till mass production. We love solving challenges and help create great products.


HW design of test board for communication product, including ST and Microchip MCUs, power tree, Ethernet, USB, i2c, SPI, ADCs and DACs.

BLE 4.2 mesh using Nordic nRF52832. The BLE's MCU control IMU and environmental sensors. The system was connected to Android and IOS applications we developed

QA services to Custom Android version of Mobile phone: platform and systems functionality, connectivity, camera, UI, performance analysis and more. Documentation: STD, STP, STR

Custom Linux BSP and full software application on Variscite's SOM with NXP IMX6 Dual, connected to FPGA Altera Arria10. The project included data processing, developing and implementing vision algorithms.

Creating face recognition algorithms and implementing it on STM32 MP1 (Dual Arm Cortex A7) with Linux Yocto

NPI for board with cellular modem, sensors (accelerometer, pressure, gyro, proximity), camera and processor. Production tests. Found design mistakes.

Develop drivers to LCD display for 2 customers. CPUs: snapdragon 410 and Atmel SAMA5.

Networking project: NXP Linux Yocto builder on LS2084 (quad cortex A72) and integration (including driver) for Marvell Prestera PX PIPE port extender. Link aggregation between 2 ports of 25GB to 4 ports of 10GB.

Developing drivers for Omnivision, Sony IMX and Onsemi Aptina (CMOS image sensors), using MIPI CSI. Control all sensor configuration, including brightness, focus, auto explorer, etc.

Reducing startup time of linux Yocto to 300 ms on Intel Atom

Secure connectivity for STmicro's IO link transceiver

Improving test automation during production from 40 minutes to 10 minutes, by moving tests from manual test to automatic system

Consult for certification for safety (IEC-60950), EMI (IEC-61100) and UL.

Embedded software for smart watch with heart rate sensor, accelerometer and BLE. Low power design. The project Included HW and SW QA.

Port Matlab code to C on Cortex A53 using Arm math libraries